Truly Akbar

We won’t be able to solve our problems with the same mindset,
with which we created them. {A. Einstein}
Authors: Mgr. Shestakov V., Rabbit R.

This article presents the author’s biological point of view on the cyclical nature of the variability of cultural, social and behavioural patterns caused by emigratory flows of representatives of the Global South.

Hierarchical instinct for humanity is of great importance. It is the foundation on which all social interaction is built. Drawing close attention to this thesis, we will see that the main goal of any social activity is the search for the highest place in the hierarchical system. In this regard, it becomes obvious that the conflict-free coexistence of multicultural and multiconfessional communities isn’t possible.

In the modern world migration flows become toxic, eroding and altering the socio-cultural balance of states. From the biological point of view the intra-population and intro-station selection of the XXI century goes according to the laws of evolution, i. e. the dominant population needs to produce as many descendants as possible for subsequent domination, and, in consequence, will more than likely remain in a world-dominant position.

At the moment, Muslims are the most actively growing populations, and Islam is becoming one of the most dynamic and influential religions in the world. Professor Dobaev I. P. of the department of regional and Eurasian studies, writes:

«As for the number of Muslims in Europe, it’s steadily growing. If in 2010 there were a little more than 44 million Muslims here, by 2030 their number will exceed 52 million which will be 8.6% of the total population of Europe.» {p. №1}

As for the trend of increasing the Muslim community, Professor Dobaev I. P. notes:

«The trend of increasing the number of Muslims is particularly noticeable in the UK, where the share in the next 20 years will double from 4 to 8%. During the same period, Muslims will make up 10.3% of the population of France, 10.2%- Belgium, almost 10% — Sweden, and more than 6% — Germany.» {p. №1}

In this regard, it’s fair to pay attention to the demographic situation of Christians in the Middle East. Referring to the work of Orientalist E. Ya. Satanovsky, we read:

«The demographic situation in the Middle East is definitely not in favor of Christians.» {Ch. №7}

«Christians of Palestine can’t expect even nominal respect for their rights by fellow Muslims.» {Ch. №7}

From the intermediate conclusion it follows that the demographic growth of the Muslim population is due to favourable living conditions, in particular:

  1. Material-

Social and various benefits, international and charitable support.

  1. Behavioural:

Disseminating the genome: sexual abuse of the local population, and the establishment of their own orders and other forms of dominant behaviour in order to give the pack greater authority.

According to the results of the experiment, conducted by one of the founders of the scientific zoo psychology of Yale University, R. Yerkes, it is known that primates and humans learn from those above them on the hierarchical ladder, and those who occupy low-ranking positions are unable to stand on ceremony.

The conclusion of this experiment is illustrated in the music video for the song Scary from 2018 by Shortparis. This is a good example of imitative behaviour patterns exhibited by low rank individuals. In particular, the author draws attention to the attempt of gliding and the overall style of the movie clip. {T.shirts with Arabic symbols, school references to hostages, etc.}

The loss of high hierarchical positions in European society is noticeable against the background of actively enjoyed forms of religious oriented behaviour. Foreign religious cultural populations, in their claim to dominate, gradually change the psychological bases of European society.


So, the psychological mechanism of the imitation of low-ranking populations is caused by the decrease of individual consciousness that characterises social conformism within European society.

Are these processes the forerunners of the birth of a new dominant population in the world?

«Immediately he sends for the imam, he ascends the pulpit and from there proclaims the Mohammedan creed, and the padishah, with his face to Mecca, reads a prayer to Allah, the ruler of the worlds; it sounds for the first time in this Christian temple. The next day, the artisans receive an order to remove from the church all the signs of the old religion; the altars are demolished, pious paintings from mosaic are plastered, and the highly ascended cross on Hagia Sophia, which has spread it is arms for thousands of years to embrace all earthly suffering, falls to the ground with a dull thud. A loud echo is heard in the temple and far beyond its walls. For from this fall the whole West shudders. Causing fright.»  Satanovsky E. Ya.  The book of Israel {p. 12-13}

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