The city is no longer a problem

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]The full review of adaptive city infrastructure of the Czech republic focused on people with restrictions of health is presented in this article (sight, etc.). The author of article entered a definition of «Handicap» or «хендикеп» as the term meeting norms and standards of the European Union, used in relation to the citizens having restrictions of health.

Interacting with people of different financial and social prosperity, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the people having restrictions of health which versatile support testifies about competently pursued and effective social policy of the democratic state.
One of the purpose of social policy of the European Union is not only modernization of social security systems and decrease in level of poverty, but also protection of people with хендикепэм. The designated purposes are synchronized with the European Convention of human rights and fundamental freedoms adopted by the Council of Europe in 1950.
For full realization of the adaptive environment and conditions of accommodation of people with хендикепэм, the European social fund allocates funds for support not of investment character: special programs for people with violation of health, the program for employment and a social innovation and other. The philosophy of the European institutes giving differently vector help to people with restrictions of health the priority puts education of independence and independence. From outside can seem that any services are rendered it is indifferent, is prudish and it is even indifferent, but it only at first sight. Work of data of social institutes is built strictly according to a law letter therefore seeming «distancing» cultivates independence and personal responsibility, but not painful infantilism and dependence.
So, for example. the organization Tiflotsentr in Prague among other services, offers the one-time assistant help for people with sight violation. (1 h — 95chk.)
The assistant will meet you in the place, convenient for you, and will accompany to the destination. Similar services work also for wheelchair invalids, in their case, assistants can act as assistants even on independent travel. It is obvious that you will not begin to pay daily specified sum therefore other service when send you the route developed to details to inquiry is offered and you independently follow to the destination. This service is free and if often to move, then from such routes it is possible to create the whole plan of the area or city. As for city public transport, he is able to tell all long ago. First, it should be noted that all websites with information on the schedule of the movement are completely adapted under specialized programs for people with sight violation.
Secondly, all buses and trams can tell the number, a route of the movement and a final stop. It is very convenient for independent orientation by that who for various reasons has poor eyesight. Each person with a visual hendikepem included in city space has the specialized, six-push-button panel which can independently operate city infrastructure. (to include scoring of any traffic lights of the city, and respectively, to cross any intersections, to open doors in buses, trams and the subway, to obtain information from stations of the subway and escalators in particular.) Price of such «panel» (4.500chk.) expensively, but investment disposable. As for the subway of the city, we will be consecutive:
All metro stations are equipped with special indicators and if to press the corresponding button on the panel, the metro station will call the name and will give a signal by which it being possible to be guided being on the earth. Being in the subway, the person with violation of sight can sound escalators. They will give a special signal and will tell about the direction. The metro station is equipped too with «intelligence» therefore can inform on all exits, names of streets and tram stops. For this purpose it is only worth pressing the next button on your panel which is similar to the condensed matchbox with roundish sides.
Platforms of all metro stations, are equipped with relief strips, and when landing in the car, the person with sight violation, can open remotely all doors of the train independently by means of the panel.
For wheelchair invalids, passengers with large baggage, mothers with carriages elevators function. It should be noted that at each metro station there are toilets. Wheelchair invalids often have an Euro-key which can be received free of charge. Its essence to come down to the fact that they can open any specialized bathroom the room adapted to carriage dimensions. They are available at any metro station and at all stations of the city.
At all city stations there is own assistant help for those it is difficult to whom to be guided in big spaces. It is possible to order it free of charge, you will be met near the subway and seen to the train or the bus. Concerning the airports we will note, functioning of the similar assistant help and thanks to it, the person with violation of sight, the musculoskeletal device etc. can make flights independently. Continuing a subject of assistants, it is necessary to tell about what all large networks of supermarkets have in the state, specially trained assistants with good mood. Any person absolutely free of charge can use this service because under the law he has the right to it. To deceive people with restriction of health on cash desk, it is not accepted. For elderly people and those at whom weak sight, all steps of the subway are noted by a yellow strip. Very often she can be met in dormitories, comprehensive schools and so on. For those who use a white cane all crosswalks of the city, on the right side have a specialized guide for a cane not to lose the crosswalk and not to endanger life.
All technical component mentioned above would not work so debugged without person therefore in end of the social review, the author cannot but note keenness and decency of society which is practically always ready to come to the rescue of the person with restriction of health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]