Sexual Assistance or Right to Intimacy

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]The practical experience of work of «sexual assistants» in the territory of the EU is given in article. The author the basic concepts, the purposes and problems of this service created for people with physical restrictions of health and for the citizens of old age who are in specialized institutions reveal.
We do not give estimates and we do not consider this area from the point of view of religion or morals; only we state a reality, pointing out efficiency of the designated service.
All transfer of sources is made by the author of article.

Difficulties of intimate relationship of people having limited health including mental character, the people who are in nursing homes and other similar social institutions, undoubtedly take place. Often this problem has tabuizirovanny character for many reasons: shortage of education, ignorance of terminology, psychological violations, lack of experience, complexes and other.
In article we will not begin to anatomize deep sexual problems of separately taken person because it is not the purpose. The author sees need for sharing casuistry and professional experience of colleagues, to extend knowledge and new approaches in work with the people who are in specialized institutes.
According to Brockhaus and I. A. Efron’s encyclopedic dictionary, «to assist, help, to promote».
In turn, V. N. Trishin in the dictionary of synonyms of 2013 interprets this definition as «any assistant».
Therefore, sexual assistants are assistants-consultants for those who due to various reasons, need their help. Certainly, it is about the people having restrictions of health or about the lonely elderly citizens arriving in specialized institutions.
At the moment, services of similar character are rendered in Germany, Switzerland. In Canada Toronto the consulting service DisabilityAfterDark works, consultations are held by A. Gurza which helps people to speak with violation of health about problems in sexual life. On pages of the website: he writes <>(4):
«my disability helped me to find the target audience therefore in consultation I help to realize a problem of limited physical health, and through this understanding to liquidate some problems in the sexual sphere».
In the Czech republic the service Freya (4) which was founded in the fall of 2016 also functions. This organization already specializes not only in representatives with the broken health, but also renders services to lonely elderly people, including, being in nursing homes. So, thanks to the cofounder of this project to the therapist of L. Š ídové, in the territory of the Czech republic appeared service the Sexual assistant and there underwent specialized training the first five assistants.
The author emphasizes that ontogenesis of sexuality of the person has some stages, in our case, we talk in the context of the involutional period (50-55l. — up to 70 years is also more senior). Referring to the Russian school of sexology in the description of ontogenesis of sexuality. (G. Vasilchenko), it is important to note that sex life, is necessary for the healthy person for realization of his basic sotsioseksualny requirements. (1)
In the book the doctor of sociological sciences E. A. Kashchenko writes:
«In the World Health Organization of the concept of sexual health developed by experts, there arrive some kind of «… complexes of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexual existence of the person». (2)
In this situation it is important to understand that the satisfaction of each complex, is the key to physiological wellbeing.
In this regard the service of sexual maintenance of Prague provides including an educational complex of actions within which, the client can examine: with parental responsibility, gender distinction to learn to use specialized grants, to find skills for establishment of limits of the sexuality, to learn to say No, to gain specialized knowledge of contraception, hygiene, attractive clothes and other.
To be carried out separately specialized consultation work with parents regarding the correct understanding of development of sexuality in their children is carried out with couples having physical defects.
By gradual acquaintance to the concept «sexuality», between the client and the assistant the confidential relationship is built up. Development of experience of sensuality, touches, etc. reanimate, train and return to the person the lost complex.
On the website <> in the section «about us» it is written:
«Sexual assistants provide the services systematically, taking into account the specific personality and disability (with frustration of an autistic range, to the person with intellectual shortcomings or to the healthy person)».
In total the services rendered by sexual maintenance / assistants are a prototype of «psychodrama», but with the smaller number of participants. Efficiency of this service is confirmed by specialists of department of psychosocial sciences and Karlov’s ethics of university of Prague represented by Ph.D. T. Cimrmannové.
Results of work of specialists in sexual maintenance, affected the general decrease in level of irritability, uneasiness and nervousness of people with mental violation in one of specialized institutions of the suburb of Prague in 2017.
Certainly, being in the difficult vital circumstances caused by the low level of social communication, limited health and opportunities it is necessary to understand that «sexual development is an integral part of the general development of the person and it is presented by wide set of changes (transformations) in all spheres of his life».
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