Inva loneliness

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]The analysis of some views of a loneliness phenomenon is presented in this article. The author by the practical analysis pays attention to effective use of resources of loneliness to people with various disability.
(Material can be interesting to the readers who do not have restrictions of health)
«… the person has the sacred right for loneliness as through the moments of loneliness the personality, self-knowledge of the personality is born, singularity and originality of the «I» is alone experienced». (Berdyaev N. A.)

The loneliness practically always becomes urgent at the time of loss of feedback of the person with society, collective. Not only personal problems, but also the circumstances connected with disability acquisition can be the reasons for that. In this regard, the name of article speaks about inherence of loneliness in life of such person. Now, literature has enough polar views of area of the studied phenomenon.
More often than other early publications loneliness it is mentioned in Frida Fromm-Rejchman’s article «Loneliness» where as a result of clinical trial of mental diseases, one of the first conceptualizations of loneliness is given. The author considers the loneliness an extreme state having destructive character. It turns people in «emotionally paralyzed and helpless».
According to the author, this painful and frightening experience and people can go to anything if only to avoid it.
In turn, Weiss defines loneliness as the incidental sharp feeling of concern and tension connected with the aspiration to have friendly or intimate relations. The author distinguishes emotional and social loneliness. And, if it becomes chronic, then turns into hopeless apathy.
More optimistic point of view, we meet at K. Mustakas who emphasizes serious positive sense of loneliness: in many cases it makes active a creative power of the person and creates a basis for updating of the personality. Through crisis and «enlightenment» (инсайт) the person can be lifted to higher level of efficiency of the activity. Moreover, according to Mustakas, out of profound experience of true loneliness, it is impossible to find true consciousness.
Speaking about loneliness, it is necessary to pay attention to accuracy of the terms used by us, the loneliness as a state is not a privacy!
«privacy comes when the person needs communication with some specific personality. The loneliness, on the contrary, has constant character and is insuperable feeling.» (Зилбург)
The problem of socially isolated people having disability settles down at two levels: social and psychological.
It is possible to influence social level by change psychological. In other words, independently to change the point of view to own disability. In case to continue stagnation, it is possible to face easily problems of personal disintegration, and in a consequence and a suicide.
On the website: of 20.09.2013, is placed «call for help» of the following contents:
«I do not know what to do to me. I want to die. I am lonely. I am 34 years old, I on disability.»
«I have nobody! I was tired of loneliness, I have even no girl… I stranger to this world… Nobody waits for me… I am person of no character, the disabled person, a pettiness. rag…»
Painful experience of loneliness by the person having disability, obviously. Moreover, the portrait with extremely underestimated self-assessment, infantilism, the absent motivation and tendency to inferiority exaggeration absolutely distinctly appears. But what prevents the person to transfer own complaints to the category of advantages?
The way to identity never happens easy: self-development, a reflection, self-education, self-knowledge, all this is set in motion due to personal responsibility, motivation and a high self-assessment. The person has to be guided by change of own vital standards and installations, but not by transformation of all external environment.
Further, the author with the permission of the client, cites the therapeutic letter:
(Moscow 2016)
«… then this problem ceased to disturb me and I could recustomize myself; Then the sports career went: soccer, sambo which too, of course, very much helped me not only with adaptation, but also with formation me as persons.»
From cited the therapeutic letter of one of clients it is visible that having the outlined circle of problems, the person does not give up and continues the movement on an evolutionary way of development of the personality.
We draw the attention of the reader to words from the first message: «I am person of no character, nobody waits for me» and for descriptive reasons the quote from the therapeutic letter of the client: «recustomize a smog of itself.»
Identity is not just originality of mentality that for psychology obviously, it is a certain level of spiritual, intellectual and moral development of the person.

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