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[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]We will not be able to solve our problems with the same thinking,
which we created them. (A. Einstein)

The biological point of view of the author on the cyclic nature of variability of the cultural, social and behavioural patterns caused by emigratory flows of representatives of the Global South is presented in this article.

The hierarchical instinct for the person has huge value. It is the base on which all social interaction is built. Having drawn closer attention to this thesis we will see that the main goal of any social activity, is caused by search of the highest place in hierarchical system. In this regard, there is obvious a fact that frictionless coexistence of polycultural and polyconfessional communities is impossible.
In the modern world emigratory streams gain toxic character, washing away and altering sociocultural balance of the states.
From the biological point of view, intra population and interstate selection of the XXI Art. goes under laws of evolution, i.e. the dominating population needs to reproduce as much as possible descendants for the subsequent domination and as a result, the social majority.
At the moment, Muslims are the most actively increasing population, and Islam becomes one of the most dynamic and influential religions in the world. Professor of department of a regionalistika and the Euroasian researches Dobayev I. P. provides the following data in the article:
«As for the number of Muslims in Europe, it steadily grows. If in 2010 there were a little more than 44 million Muslims here, then by 2030 their number will exceed 52 million that will make 8,6% of the general population of Europe». (p. No. 1) As for a tendency of increase in a community of Muslims, professor Dobayev I. P. notes: «The tendency of increase in number of Muslims is especially noticeable in Great Britain where their share in the next 20 years will increase twice — from 4 to 8%. For the same period of time Muslims will make 10,3% of the population of France, 10,2% — Belgium, nearly 10% — Sweden, more than 6% — Germany». (p. No. 1) In this regard, will be fair to pay attention to a demographic situation Christiaan in the Middle East. Referring to work of the Orientalist E. Ya. Satanovsky we read: «the demographic situation in the Middle East, unambiguously develops not in favor of Christians». (Hl. No. 7)
«Christians of Palestine cannot count even on nominal respect of their rights compatriots Muslims». (Hl. No. 7) Of an intermediate conclusion follows that the demographic growth of Muslim population, is caused by favorable conditions for the habitat, in particular:
I. Material:
Social payments, various grants, international and charitable support;
II. Behavioural:
Distribution of a genome: (sexual violence of representatives of local population), establishment of own orders and other forms of prepotent behavior as more authoritative population;
According to results of an experiment which was made by one of founders of scientific zoopsychology of Yale University
R. Yerksom it is known that primacies = people, study at those who cost above them on a scale of ranks, and with those who take low rank positions, simply do not stand on ceremony.
Conclusion of this experiment is illustrated within the music video on the song Terribly of 2018. Shortparis group. It is a bright example of imitative behavior models of low rank individuals. In particular, the author pays attention to attempt of a glissandirovaniye and the general stylistics of the clip. (t-shirts with the Arab symbolics; school; sending to hostages, etc.)
Loss of high hierarchical positions of the European society, is noticeable and against the background of actively spread forms is religious the focused behavior. The alien religious culture, gradually changes the population applying for domination psychological bases of the European society.
So, the psychological mechanism of imitation of low rank populations, is caused by feature of decrease in individual consciousness that characterizes social conformism of the European society. Whether these processes, the forerunner of the birth of new prepotent population in the world are?

«… greedy he from the tent looked at the gleaming inaccessible dome of Sacred Sofia». (p. No. 12)
«… not to it, he feels, and his god has to possess this noble palace of a prayer». (p. No. 12)
«Immediately it sends for the imam, that ascends on department and from there the Mohammedan creed, and the padishah proclaims, having addressed facing Mecca, says a prayer to Allah, the lord of the worlds; it sounds for the first time in this Christian temple. The next day workmen receive the order to remove all signs of former religion from church; altars communicate, pious pictures from a mosaic, and highly uplifted cross on Sacred Sofia, during one thousand years stretching the hands are covered to capture all terrestrial suffering, with deaf knock falls down to the ground.
The loud echo gives a sound in the temple and is far behind its walls. Because from this falling all West shudders. Causing a fright». (p. No. 12 — 13)

Some sources used by the author
Dobayev I. P. article: Islam and migration in Europe. (195 UDC 323.1)
Satanovsky E. Ya. Book of Israel. Traveling notes about the country of Saints, paratroopers and terrorists. (Eksmo; Moscow; 2015) (Hl. No. 7)
Zweig S. Gain of Byzantium. (p. No. 12 — 13)
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