Health restriction at European universities

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]The full review of conditions for training of people with restriction of health at some oldest universities of Europe is presented in article.
Material can be interesting to teachers, social workers and other experts of the «person person.» format

There comes such moment when any person faces the choice of the first institute, and maybe university. Also those who have for various reasons various restrictions in health are not an exception.
The family which is bringing up «the special child» should meet various difficulties which state policy of the EU helps to resolve. Also that how many there are electronic assistants necessary for ensuring educational process for future student with restriction of health is not a secret now. But also in this, a financial difficult situation, to the aid of families with different prosperity, state policy of the country comes.
We will not begin to write many words about how the profession and as it is difficult to make a choice to the person having, for example, limited sight is important. It is obvious if such entrant sets before himself the purpose to enter the university, it is obliged to accumulate in itself(himself) such resources as: high intellectual opportunities, independence, high resistance to stress and motivation.
So, entrants with a dyslexia, a dysgraphia, with a hearing disorder, sight, the speech, the musculoskeletal device, with psychiatric diseases of an easy form (the broken communication, a depression, etc.) with the combined disability, after passing of functional diagnostics at faculty and successful passing entrance examinations with the equal rights, can be accepted by examination committee of university and begin the education.
At each faculty of university there is a center for students with specific requirements which is engaged in the solution differently of the polar questions concerning education.
It is obvious that most often students with various violations of visual function address specialists of the center. Such students have the right on: free use of the printer of university, preparation of a training material both in Braille, and in the increased format. Specialists of the center are engaged also in scanning of the required books, magazines, articles, adapting them to popular text formats. Thus, university library for the students reading books by means of such programs as: NVDA, Djause and other, is regularly replenished.
If necessary, the student can receive any electronics including with voice maintenance for the term of the training. It can be: dictophones, magnifying devices and, certainly, laptop; (for 2017. It in the main Macbook) though dinosaurs somewhere meet the Windows operating system still.
Staff of the center for students with specific requirements helps not only to adjust difficult electronics, but also holds specialized meetings on which they train students in independent use of System of university, for example SIS or something like that. The student receives the account and a private electronic office from which he operates own educational process. (forms the schedule of objects, convenient for itself, registers in examinations or consultations with the teacher, sees the estimates and other). In fact speaking, the European student it and still the methodologist, in the Russian sense of understanding of this word. Regulation and control of all educational process it is removed in online without influence of staff of university therefore if forgot to register in the necessary seminar, examination, a conference, ignored the important letter — that it is guilty only. Everything depends only on timeliness and personal responsibility of the specific student.
The titled universities of Europe, such, as: Karlov university in Prague, Sarbona in Paris, university Heidelberg — occupy the huge space in spite of the fact that each faculty is located in the certain district of the city. In this regard fairly there is a question and how to be guided to the student with the broken sight in such scales, even one faculty?
In this case this difficulty is solved by means of internal assistants. Passing administrative matters, the mentor is attached to the student with the broken sight. As a rule, assistants are the same students of university with the high level of empathy. They also help with orientation at faculty, the dining room, etc. The more they interact with the ward, the they receive more money. (The administration established for them the fixed hourly payment.)
If the assistant for various reasons does not satisfy to needs of the student with poor eyesight, it can always be replaced, persons interested more than are enough.
Physical health of students of university is an important component of educational process.
For the groups of students designated above, the specialized sports centers work. During the whole academic year children with violation of sight, the musculoskeletal device, twice a week can visit the specialized pool with specially trained trainer’s structure. At the weekend individual sports trainings are held.
In the summer, in the territory of the university mooring in Prague, various events are held. Students with violation of sight are able to afford walks on tandems on the embankment of the city, walk on the motor boat, a catamaran or on single oar. Certainly, all designated events are held by the trained trainer’s structure and students of pedagogical faculty, specializing in the direction special pedagogics.
A large number of children with various restrictions of health never flew by plane therefore once a year is held an offside event within which .mozhno to correct this misunderstanding and to sweep by plane as the passenger. This action is in special demand for students with the broken sight. All sports actions and actions — Are free.
This article, the author pays attention to rather important marker characterizing social policy and a possibility of freedom of choice, directed to formation of the various and filled life of people with restrictions of health, in the conditions of educational process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]