Авторские статьи Владислава Шестакова социально-психологической и религиозной тематики

Milí přátelé, tento leták vytvořila Bohumila Baštecká ve spolupráci s ČMPS a dalšími. V letáku jsou telefonické linky  krizové pomoci, hygienické stanice v regionech a další informací [read more…]

Opis in analiza nekaterih vidikov uspešnosti socialne varnosti v Pragi in Moskvi. Describing and analyzing some aspects of social security performance in Prague and Moscow. Mgr. et Mgr. Vladislav Shestakov je psycholog, doktorant univerzity Palackého v Olomouci v oboru Klinická psychologie. V roce 2018 vystudoval Husitskou Teologickou fakultu univerzity Karlovy v Praze v oboru sociální a charitativní práce [read more…]

In this article the author considers the volunteer movement from the point of view of psychological mechanisms. Social hierarchy, egoism and incentive, form the main triad supporting competitive activity in these associations [read more…]

The article presents the results of a sociological research on the subject of interreligious tolerance based on a sociological survey among the residents of Moscow. Key words: monotheistic religions, quantitative domination of adepts, interreligious tolerance [read more…]

This article presents the author’s biological point of view on the cyclical nature of the variability of cultural, social and behavioural patterns caused by emigratory flows of representatives of the Global South.

Hierarchical instinct for humanity is of great importance. It is the foundation on which all social interaction is built. Drawing close attention to this thesis, we will see that the main goal of any social activity is the search for the highest place in the hierarchical system. In this regard, it becomes obvious that the conflict-free coexistence of multicultural and multiconfessional communities isn’t possible [read more…]

There is no doubt  that, when speaking about the creation of new religious institutions, we can’t help but mention the many cases of unusual personalities, reformers and founders of current religious institutions. It would be very interesting to follow and, if possible, research the information that is usually hidden from the majority of people. Many faiths disintegrate almost automatically, either because of the death of their founders or because of a change in the perceptions of the prevalent religion [read more…]