Biological background of laziness

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this article the phenomenon of laziness is considered by the author from biological positions. On the example of functioning of a brain, the author points to the evolutionary reasons of human laziness. On means of biological approach to the studied phenomenon, the author calls in question insolvency of the statement of Frankl, Ecclesiastes and other authors.

About a phenomenon of human laziness rather large number of works, as in the field of psychology is written, to philosophy, and within other directions focused on model: «person person». The fact that the laziness phenomenon, often is considered by authors from positions of morals, valuable scales and other amplifications which (Dreverman O.) it is impossible to touch is remarkable.
Other, Rather most part of sources, interprets a concept of laziness from psychological positions: low motivation, weak strong-willed sphere, individual style of activity and other. (Yakimansky I. S. Vorobyyova V. V. Hl. No. 1.)
According to the author, such difficult and often fragmentary representations, can easily take away the reader from a complete and clear understanding of a source of direct laziness. In turn, the neurophysiologist of E. Smart in the book of 2015 brings closer readers to the biological truth and emphasizes importance of laziness for work of a brain.
In the article The Psychology of Laziness, Procrastination and Idleness BY BSAIKRISHNA of 2016 in the adapted option from the book «Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of Emotions», is stated a position:
«the concept of laziness assumes ability to choose not to be lazy, i.e. assumes existence of free will».
«In other words, very concept of laziness presupposes the ability to choose not to be lazy, that is, presupposes the existence of free will.»
Follows from the sources given by the author that at the moment ideas of the studied concept, are rather separate and ambiguous, so cannot create fully complete idea of a phenomenon at the reader.
The author pays attention that being one of the main evolutionary mechanisms. The source of laziness has to be considered from biological positions and not be camouflaged by excess terminology.
So, for a human body, the brain is a foreign matter and in a passive state consumes about 9% of energy (oxygen, carbohydrates, proteins, electrolytes, water, etc.)
Certainly that in an active state the amount of the consumed energy increases approximately up to 25% of body lump. In this regard process of hard work of a brain from biological positions, is rather energy-intensive. For this reason in any society there will always be a demand for services of magicians, sorcerers and other religious institutions because they provide ready behavior models in life situations, difficult for the person. On such ready decisions and still decorated with rituals, the human brain saves the energy, remaining at the level of 9%. It is obvious that any state system, all social institutes work similarly that allows them to operate social groups effectively.
Follows from an intermediate conclusion that hard work of a brain (thinking), too expensive manages to our organism. Therefore the person consciously minimizes individual costs of thinking in exchange for own freedom.
There are only three basis caused by evolution to which the brain never resists:
I. Food;
II. Dominance;
III. Reproduction;
(Koukolík F. Lidský mozek. FunkKní systémy. Norma a poruchy. 2.) přepracované an aktualizované vydání, Praha: Portál, 2002.

The result of work of three designated structures also explains such behavior models as:

I.PIShchA Overeating problems, excess weight.
II. DOMINANCE Conflicts, wars or same population selection.
III. REPRODUCTION Only purpose of life.

Therefore Frankl’s ideas that the aspiration of the person to pleasure, cannot be sense of his life from the evolutionary point of view are absolutely insolvent and groundless. The center of thinking of a human brain is created by evolution on the basis of vomeronazalny body or in simple terms, body of sexual sense of smell. For this reason, on various bikes / auto shows, in front of the new equipment, organizers often place naked girls because the person filters all models of the behavior through sexual sense of smell.
In lectures about work of big cerebral hemispheres I. P. Pavlov in 1951 enters the important physiological term: guarding braking. This concept causes a complex of the phenomena in nervous cages under certain conditions. As a rule, it is strong overloads during the work of a brain. The matter is that intensity of blood supply of departments, depends on the tasks which are carried out by the person, so efficiency and efficiency of work of body, it is possible to control alternation of types of our activity.
Summarizing written, it is necessary to pay attention that «any good opportunity is to us in working overalls and a shovel in hands». (V. Churchill)
It means that it is not necessary to repeat mistakes of Ecclesiastes who spoke: «in many wisdom, there is a lot of grief».
It is obvious that he was mistaken, claiming that knowledge increases greatly grief.
According to the author, only our activity and new knowledge can make our life an unpredictable travel in a waterway of social illusions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]