Aggression as a source of strength

[vc_row thb_divider_position=»bottom»][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this article the short analysis of advantages of a phenomenon of aggression is provided in human life. The positive sides promoting personal development are considered. Material is recommended for reading from 17+.
One of effective natural instincts among other at the person, is aggression. In literature it is often possible to meet that aggression is connected with deliberate infliction of harm to other person, with personal and behavioural disruptiveness. One authors consider that a reason for similar behavior are biological prerequisites, others see in it the gender nature or features of education. As a rule, in a family parents offer a certain set of behavior models which is copied by the child. Researchers of a phenomenon of aggression in the person of Plutarch, Seneca, S. Freud, H. Kauffman, E. Fromm and other, offer various concepts for understanding of this phenomenon that it can be caused only by ambiguity and variability of this phenomenon.
In our article we will not begin to anatomize approaches and concepts, models and theories, the reader can get acquainted with it at above the designated authors. The purpose of our reflection to show need of aggression and its positive sides from the point of view of personal development. According to the author, aggression is not polar: bad or good. Such estimates are appointed sociocultural space or parents at the time of education of the child. It is possible to give such case as an example:
Mother walks with the child who shook at the unfamiliar passerby a fist. Scandal. Unless the child somehow broke mother’s borders? No, then why scandal takes place? Because it is simpler to mother to experience the rage in relation to own child, than the shame, in relation to the passerby to the person. The similar illustration is fundamental in the beginning life of the little person. At early stages of the development it obtains information that it is not good to hit back, to be angry with the companion badly etc. In total, education of the child is based on the basis of suppression of characterologic qualities of the kid, inconvenient for parents.
«Many American teachers drew the wrong conclusion, quarrystone children will grow up in less neurotic, more adapted for surrounding reality, the main thing of less aggressive people if from the early childhood to preserve them against any disappointments. The American technique of education constructed on this assumption only showed that the aggression instinct, as well as other instincts, spontaneously breaks from within the person. There was an incalculable great number of insufferably impudent children who had not enough anything, but not aggression in any way. The tragic party of this tragicomic situation was shown later when such children, having left a family, suddenly faced, instead of the obedient parents, with ruthless public opinion, for example at entrance in the college. (K. Lorentz of p. 27)
it is necessary to understand that healthy aggression is the high-quality indicator on the one hand helping the man to realize full value of his hormonal nature, and on the other hand, the means promoting to find violation physical, whether emotional and other borders.
So, aggressive behavior is any of behavior of the person directed to rational satisfaction of his requirements within an ethno-cultural community. Here it is necessary to emphasize the «rational component of aggression» caused by an ethno-cultural framework.
In the book Aggression or the so-called evil, under K. Lorentz’s authorship it is written: «separate elements of the general system can be understood only in their interaction, otherwise nothing can be understood.
In — the second,
formation of character on men’s type happens on means of production of hormone testosterone. As a rule, it is caused: commitment of decision-making, desire of leadership, determination and courage, especially indicative during a time of the teenage period. The steady mood and ability is worthy to meet not only victories, but also own defeats. Lack of tearfulness and sensitivity is the only some markers testifying to importance of development of men’s hormone. It should be noted the fact that sexual desire and existence of reproductive function depends on amount of testosterone.
In the teenage period the question connected with difficult behavior and periodic aggression is rather urgent. In this regard it is not recommended to suppress character of the teenager and to depreciate his desires. More effectively, from the physiological point of view to offer it a qualitative way of development, namely physical activities. Now the choice is sufficient: from free occupations before individual work with the trainer. It is one of effective ways when the hormonal nature promotes physiological and psychological development. This way forms «sure behavior model» of the teenager on a background of emotional activity.
In this article aggression is considered by us as the major driving force, force of life, growth and survival. It is obvious that the person capable it is free to express own aggression — a rarity, but in that case when you know nothing about it. In this regard on our website general education materials are published.
In the third,
there are two ways of development:
Alloplastichesky way — when the person creates own world by means of aggression, changing Wednesday under himself;
Autoplastichesky way — a way of adaptation towards the Wednesday;
So, summarizing above written, becomes obvious that aggression as a phenomenon, is the major mechanism controlling emotional, cognitive and other spheres which are responsible for high-quality perception of life. And whether it is worth denying then in himself this force? More likely, it needs to be brought up for full coexistence in sociocultural space.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]