About metamorphoses of an altered state of consciousness

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In this article the author carries out the analysis of basal conditions of human consciousness, opposing them changed. In underwritten material the author uses casuistry from private psychological practice. Author’s classification of the psychological reasons of leaders is given to narcotic addiction.

In a general sense words, consciousness are a mental condition of human life which is expressed in subjective experience and a reflection of surrounding reality. It has rather active nature that is expressed in differentiation (optionality) on importance degree. Thereof, consciousness in a condition of wakefulness is constantly directed to any object. In situations with meditation or a dream, action it is opposite. A. G. Maklakov noticed that he «estimates all information on the world around of people on the basis of system of ideas of himself and forms behavior proceeding from system of the values, ideals and motivational installations». (Hl. No. 4. P. 81) In this case we speak about an individual frame of reference of the person or about his consciousness. But what then is criterion of adequate perception of the world if only in the territory of the Russian Federation about 1194 nationalities live, and on the planet there are 20 language families? Adequacy of human consciousness is usually regulated by criticality degree. From the point of view of the author, the critic is an individual ability to realize a difference between: «well» and «badly» in separately taken cultural ethnos. When «understanding of a difference» and degree of human criticality cease to be synchronized with urgent culture of any ethnos, search of the «alternative deputies» changing consciousness of the person sharply increases.
Also can serve as the reasons, from the point of view of the author, the following factors:
(lack surplus of parental love); pamperedness of children and infantilism, manhandling, lack of education, pubertatny period.
(curiosity, experimentalism, internal conflicts, imitation);
(substitution of concepts, planting immoral, lack of system of the relations for children and young people);
Any dependence is attempt to solve adult problems by children’s methods that causes infantilism of the personality.
(to get acquainted in more detail with this problem, you can in Giperopek’s article)
Further, for the analysis of the reader, original quotes of the different texts written in the changed condition of consciousness by the client who asked for psychological assistance will be provided below.
The casuistry is published with the permission of the author of texts.
No. 1.
«Today I will tell you a story about the hero. About the soul which reached an enlightenment in a kingdom of the devil sewerage.»
«But in one day to the Hero vision, one of those inspirations condescended that comes anything which went prophets and an other shushera. To it mittens, two plush mittens with eyes and small mouths of the huge size and flitting above the ground were. They were presented as two brothers, told that their collective intelligence chose the Hero, also added that their choice was not casual, those, and as these beings, seemingly, told needed the dreamer found the candidate necessary to them. Also the left mitten began to bring up to date of the electee, the brother devoted the person in the plan that will give to mittens of new forces, and the hero — life full of carelessness.»
«The plan was simple. The hero needed to climb on the highest tower in the city, being above, to get a bag an apelsinok and to begin to juggle with those, then to puncture orange with a ritual knife and to write on a tower wall: «I am a candle of the cow hangover removed in a dome of happiness which the smoke pleasant leaves together with air-dried meat. Then it had to cut one more orange and be covered with fruit juice, that had to pour out juice of the third orange on the security guard, having cried out: «For the sake of a HUGE ALCHEMICAL EYE!» — after these actions, according to a mitten, in the world have to come harmony with prosperity again. Their words were that, and Hera listened to them as if under hypnosis.»
No. 2.
«Bear knowledge of mysteries of the world are incredibly deep, its representations are boundless as if the dried-up ocean of milk. And the ocean dairy is truly big, huge as if the galactic outgrowth which placed in a glass of gin and a bag of potato.»
«… And the union with a bear will help people to comprehend the mysteries of stars, planets, to subdue cancer, to destroy a snail, to kiss death, to make a morozhenka of the demon — all this will become possible with the bear help. The world will be happy, the sunlight will become brighter.»
No. 3.
«The enema without hand at one time lived in the city one in. The quiet girl of blue color, without any features, with a sad face, disbelief in a possibility of the better life.»
«Enema life in the modern world is heavy, and our armless heroine fully tested all this weight on own rubber.»
«Soon, an enema strange images began to come to mind, that was glad to new «interlocutors», learning from them various things, new to it. In one day she received a strange request. The velveteen Satan asked to make it a sacrifice … BLOOD!» Further, the author cites similar texts of the client who is already in a condition of abstinency.
No. 4.
«Local population, gnomes, oddish, unsociable folk. It was ordered «to acquaint» him with colonial culture. They were just turned into slavery. For these poor creatures there was nobody to intercede at all.»
No. 5.
«Somebody from «gods» by the name of Hoffory rather was tired of such life, a lot of things developed not in the best way: he did not succeed in a robbery, the thief was very clumsy, and to trade that has simply nothing. Long time that loafed about on boundless open spaces of the Universe, is absolute also initiatives to changes.
Also would proceed so for a long time, do not hear it from someone from same «gods» about one undeveloped world which inhabitants called the town Earth. Then at Hofforiya ingenious and, at the same time, reckless plan ripened. That decided to subordinate people of Earth to the will, but not as it is done by the others: by force of arms and blood, he wanted to make everything peacefully that all followed it at will of only one mind.»
«Hoffory fell by Earth. Alas, the program in its teleportator glitched, and instead of studio of CNN channel threw it on other end of the planet, in Avdeev Pyotr Anatolyevich’s apartment. Pyotr Anatolyevich experienced difficulties with state of mind recently, and therefore regularly ate hallucinogenic mushrooms.»
No. 6.
«… in the city of Godopolis there lived a kitten. He was called the Paw, extremely смышлён there was he, the genius, it is possible to tell. In the city extremely it lacked similar. Almost that was able to do everything, calculated the most difficult equations in mind, perfectly knew chemistry, perfectly was guided in art, knew five languages, knew how to cook very tasty. But the roboequipment was his main passion, this sphere took control of his mind not the first year. And still the Paw loved weapon, loved it almost also as robots. Once of a kitten was finished by the rats shouting under windows, so that assembled the self-made thunder flash and threw off in troublemakers from a window, more under windows those did not gather.»
Each of texts which quotes were given above, written by the client under the influence of different set of substances. Three last quotes, are written by the client in a condition of a post-abstinence syndrome.
It is obvious that consumption of it, is equivalent to consumption of poison of the prolonged action. In this situation not the so lethal outcome, but a huge variety of the artful psychiatric diseases which are not giving in to treatment is terrible. One of which is Schizophrenia.
Dear parents, be regularly engaged in self-education to manage to identify at early stages any changes at your child! Also, do not ignore certified specialists.
And as for the analysis of the above texts and degree of their adequacy, the author gives this opportunity to the reader.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]